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The Rooftop Express @ Dalby Stock Horse Sale 

Appearing Live on Saturday Night in the Sale Arena following the Twilight Sale


The Rooftop Express is  a first class arena spectacular show that features world first stunts, true blue Australian comedy and awe‐inspiring horsemanship.  Its loveable bush characters and amusing storyline encourages crowd participation and family fun.  A must see for anyone who ever wanted to put on a cowboy hat or ride an Australian Stock Horse.


The Rooftop Express Show pays homage to our primary industries and shows how the bush will continue to prosper in today’s modern Australia.   The team brings a keen originality and a refined experience of performance only able to be conveyed to audiences through first hand experience of the outback and its characters, animals and way of life. 


The Rooftop Express Show continues to grow and gain momentum as one of the leading animal based productions available in Australia at the moment.          


Featuring a superb line up of horses that perform in The Rooftop Express Show including 2013 Westpac Star of the Year Rooftop Rocky and well known ASH stallion Mr Bonbastic.         



Check out some images and Youtube Clips here or have a look at the Facebook page








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